PV/Solar Funding

PV/Solar Funding in a Nutshell 

At Emerald Utility Solutions, we provide project funding to businesses seeking to adopt cost-effective and environmentally-friendly energy solutions without significant upfront investments. We offer two financing options, including power purchase agreements (PPA) and CapEx, to support businesses.

With a PPA, businesses can purchase solar electricity at a lower cost than the market price. This option is perfect for environmentally responsible firms looking to lower their operating costs but lack the extra cash to invest upfront.

CapEx is the most common financing option for solar panels, where businesses cover the costs of installing the panels on their properties. The company then uses the solar energy produced, reducing energy costs. If additional power is needed, it is typically taken from the grid.

At the end of the lease, ownership of the panels passes to the business. Solar PV arrays typically have a lifespan of 25 to 40 years, providing clean energy, saving your bottom line and the environment. 

PPA and CapEx options both involve installing solar power, but differ in financing and ownership. With a PPA, a third-party provider owns and maintains the panels, selling electricity to the business at a fixed rate. In contrast, with CapEx, the business owns the panels and is responsible for their maintenance. The upfront cost of CapEx is generally higher, but the business benefits from reduced energy costs and potential tax credits. Overall, the main distinction between the two options is who owns and maintains the panels, as well as the financing structure and costs involved.

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