Frequently Ask Questions

Yes, we can absolutely help you switch suppliers. To initiate this process, simply give us a call and speak to one of our professionals for guidance and advice on the complete process. We offer a free consultation call that saves you time and effort.

When you switch business electricity or gas suppliers, our professionals work diligently behind the scenes to ensure a seamless transition. We will develop and handle the necessary documents after you have conducted a business energy comparison to find the special offer that best suits your business needs. Your former provider will be replaced, and the new supplier will notify the network company that they are registering as your supplier. You will receive a closing statement through your previous supplier through us, and the new supplier will issue an onboard notification.

Yes, even large-scale businesses can switch supply. Energy suppliers classify your company as a major business if it uses more than 300,000 kWh of electricity or gas per year or if it has a quarter-hour meter. We offer a customized procurement and bill validation service, and our team is specifically dedicated to large commercial energy users to ease your process and ensure efficient work.

Yes, you can save on your bills with our expert advice and consultations. Call us today to avail our services and save on your bills to increase your profits.

If your bill shows a high amount, simply contact our professionals, and we will help validate your bill and eliminate any preliminary charges.

We consider standing charges and the cost per kWh from each supplier when comparing prices. Daily fixed payments, known as standing charges, are used to pay for maintenance, manual meter readings, and maintaining your property linked to the electricity grid. Each kWh represents one unit of energy utilized.

If you have recently moved to a new place, your supplies are from the same source. You will frequently be charged higher rates for being out of contract. To ensure you are on the best pricing for you and your business, you should always examine and establish a new supply contract soon after moving in.

Our charges depend on the size of your business and the time taken to work on your project. Call our professionals to get a consultation and quotes for our services.

An energy consultant provides support and advice on your business portfolio and gives you the most recent tariffs and recommendations on when to buy energy. In contrast, the sole focus of a broker's pricing exercise is to save rather than portfolio management.

No, we are an independent energy consulting company that finds the best energy supplier for your business. Our research is completely unbiased as we are not legally liable to work with any supplier.

Yes, one month before any electricity or gas contract renewal, you will receive an email as a reminder and an up-to-date comparison of the current business power costs and savings available. After receiving your consent, our team will convert your commercial power contract to the best offer at the time of renewal.

Although our head office is located in Dublin, we offer our services across Ireland to help businesses save on their utility bills.

Energy procurement involves a direct comparison and interaction with energy suppliers to give you a chance to consider your options for obtaining energy for your business. As an energy consulting company, we identify the best offers for you. Our experts' recommendations are firmly grounded in research that will maintain transparency throughout the entire process, benefitting you in getting the best deal for your